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Make Brick Great Again

How it Works

Brick takes any valid GraphQL Schema and turns it into a beautiful copywriting experience. Check it out!

0 type BlogPost {
1 "Post Title."
2 title: String!
3 "Post body. Supports Markdown & text formatting."
4 body: String! @markdown
5 "Related topics"
6 tags: [BlogTag!]!
7 "Enabled if this post is active and viewable."
8 active: Boolean!
9 }
11 enum BlogTag {
12 "Support Article"
14 "Marketing Message"
16 "General Platform Announcement"
18 }


Brick avoids the traditional problems of other Content Management Systems by leveraging standard GraphQL design patterns:

Lazy Loading

Progressively load Content by ID, pagination, or with clientside queries.

Code Generation

Use your favorite GraphQL Client along with all its code generation goodies.

Federation Support

GraphQL Federation support ties Brick into your systems without handing us keys to the kingdom.

Get Started!

A generous free tier for hobbyists, and sturdy plans for professionals.

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